Cyber Security for Families just as important as Companies and Government.

Cyber Security for Families.

Cyber Security for Small Businesses.

Cyber Security for Family Owned Businesses

All three are things most people rarely think about or actually deal with unless there is a problem. These problems can be something that starts with clicking on the wrong link or opening the wrong email.

Escalation can quickly turn into compromised banking, healthcare and social media credentials along with identity theft, and cyber bullying, stalking, theft of business trade secrets, and violations of HiPAA and other regulations. There is a rise in the theft of social security numbers for youth and teenagers yet to use their own information. There is a unique tie in between gaming, and cyber security and privacy risks.

Digijaks CEO Alan W. Silberberg is a subject matter expert on Cyber Security and recently helped to author the U.S. Small Business Administration’s “Cyber Security for Small Business Training” online module. He built Digijaks with the concept that everyone needs access to cyber security, not just big companies and government agencies.

While the company does indeed work with large companies and government agencies, we have also developed a family and small business package that is flat fee and no surprise billing. We recognize that families and small businesses need access to the best defenses too.

We all need to know the basics.

Just like our parents taught us (hopefully) to cross the street on a green light and stop on a red, and not to put fingers in electric sockets; now similar but digital things need to be taught to all generations for privacy, cyber security and safety. Parents need to be able to work with their kids on the issues surrounding social media, gaming, device time + usage as well as complying with school enforced data and privacy policies. Are you prepared to have these conversations with your kids?

Whether your family with multiple devices, multiple social media accounts and multiple ways in which both cyber security and reputation security can be breached — or a small business up to 20 people — or a small family owned business. Don’t let another few months go by without doing a basic overall assessment and strengthening of your cyber posture.

Do not believe that you are not a target or “have nothing a hacker would be interested in.” That simply is not true. Everyone is at risk. Everyone needs to actually take steps to prevent and defend against cyber attacks of all types, against us and our families. Children and older people are especially vulnerable.

Digijaks has created a unique way for families, small businesses and family owned businesses to begin assessing and strengthening their cyber posture.

We strongly suggest you click here and begin today.

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Cyber Security and Reputation Management Subject Matter Expert. Founder Digijaks. Author, Book: Bots Against Us.

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Alan W. Silberberg

Alan W. Silberberg


Cyber Security and Reputation Management Subject Matter Expert. Founder Digijaks. Author, Book: Bots Against Us.