Cyber War Amongst Us — Showed Itself in Election 2016

  • Hacked State and Local Election Authorities
  • Hacked Election Database Vendors
  • Hacked Voting machines ***(jury still out on this exactly)***
  • Hacked Social Media with Fake Accounts and Bots
  • Hacked News with Fake Websites, Fake News
  • Hacked the DNC
  • Hacked other Democratic Election Groups
  • Leaked information in coordinated method through 3rd parties to Wiki leaks, on a coordinated release schedule that was also coordinated with the twitter accounts of both Russian Media and Trump and his associates.



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Alan W. Silberberg

Alan W. Silberberg


Cyber Security and Reputation Management Subject Matter Expert. Founder Digijaks. Author, Book: Bots Against Us.