• Jim M

    Jim M

  • Akhil Anand

    Akhil Anand

  • Steven W. Giovinco

    Steven W. Giovinco

    Online Reputation Management, Repair, Tips; Online Brand Building, by Recover Reputation based in NYC.

  • josh bowles

    josh bowles

    trained in philosophy & logic; write programs; m.a. linguistics pursuing m.s. in math; arithmetic geometry wannabe. (anti)symmetry universe. NLP, AI

  • Benjamin P. Taylor

    Benjamin P. Taylor

    business evolutionary www.bentaylor.com all pieces duplicated at www.chosen-path.org

  • JC Gaillard

    JC Gaillard

    Founder @CorixPartners @Transform_Sec | Fellow @CIISecHQ | NonExec Director @Strata_Sec | Member @ForbesBizCncl | Top #CyberSecurity Thought-Leader @Thinkers360

  • Rigel2020


    Techno Enthusiast & Futurist, National Election Integrity Activist. Focused on getting Trump out of office BY ANY MEANS PEACEFUL & NON COOPERATIVE!

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