PPE Wars part 2: 2021 Ongoing Battle Online for Made in USA N95 Companies keeps America from having masks.

In THE PPE WARS. Now One Year Later; ie part 1, I discussed a little bit of how America has gotten to where we are now in 2021. Not just in regard to Personal Protection Equipment, but specifically N95 Respirator Face Masks Made in USA.

Here is a recent tweet from me about this. https://twitter.com/IdeaGov/status/1364622814116859904?s=20

Now comes the reason why you still can’t easily get N95 masks. Still. Part of the reason many healthcare facilities still have shortages. Part of the reason there are MILLIONS OF N95 RESPIRATOR FACE MASKS MADE IN THE USA SITTING IN WAREHOUSES; INSTEAD OF ON FACES RIGHT NOW.

Basically, in a few words — the major online ecommerce advertising and hosting players consider “Covid19” or “Coronavirus” or “N95” or “Respirator” subjects not fit for advertising, despite ads from a few companies already paying gobs of money to maintain their chokeholds on the sales of these products.

Try to list certified N95s on Amazon, Ebay. Nope. Try to buy advertising on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter. Google will sell ad space but then disallow the products so the ads do not get served. Nope. Sorry, please move on to the search listings controlled by Google related companies, Amazon related companies and only a few select vendors. No one else allowed. They collect all your information, then deny it, and have zero room to talk to a human being.

Now wait. You say, you see ads. I do too. A short list of companies seem to dominate Amazon, Ebay and Google. Facebook is just completely unfriendly and makes it virtually impossible, as does Amazon.

Our company works with only certified respirator manufacturers, and have the documentation to prove it.

Yet, we are not allowed to list the products that are sold every day on PPE-FOR-USA.com as advertisements. This is despite our being a certified emergency response vendor to FEMA, the UN, and multiple States. We have provided enough paperwork to prove our position to make a small city phone book. We have helped thousands of people be safe. We could be helping ten times that number right now, today.

Without any of their help, we have gotten masks to all 50 States, and multiple hard to reach locations. We can get many, many more masks to people in all 50 states. So can every Made in USA N95 manufacturer and their distributors if the online advertising companies were not blocking the sale of their product.

Now multiply our situation by, wait, EVERY SINGLE NON MAJOR N95 MAKER IN THE UNITED STATES.

Now guess how many #N95 face masks that are made right here in the USA are sitting around instead of on your face? 1 million? 3 million? 5 million?

Between all the non major companies, an educated guess based on informed conversations puts it at maybe 30 million to 40 million N95 masks ready to be shipped today from Made in USA manufacturers. Right now. The The White House Covid19 Response Group needs to take advantage of this natural ability to get the masks out now. We can help right now. Today. CNN MSNBC NBC News - NUSA ABC News Washington Post Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets have all run stories within the last few months about this situation. But to no avail. The story is there are N95s available to small hospitals, clinics, dentists, doctors, nurses and families like you. It is a basic story of greed and monopoly capitalism distorting a market and making a bad situation, worse.

If 2020 was the year of PPE getting sold off to foreign countries, and manipulated into a false shortage due to the US Government creating a battle zone? Then 2021 is the year that the monopoly companies continue their chokehold; and continue to deny small businesses across the United States the chance to fairly advertise their products.

What are you going to do? We have been shouting as loudly as we can about the availability on our website www.ppe-for-usa.com. Please share this website widely on all of your social networks. Put pressure on the advertising companies to allow the manufacturers and their distributors the ability to place these ads, just like other companies.

N95s save lives. There is no excuse for this banishment anymore. Time to open the marketplaces to encourage every American who wants an N95 to be be able to get them.



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Alan W. Silberberg

Alan W. Silberberg


Cyber Security and Reputation Management Subject Matter Expert. Founder Digijaks. Author, Book: Bots Against Us.