Reputation Management = Cyber Security

Reputational Tsunami

That nasty little reputational tsunami something that someone, a bot, or a person, or maybe both left for you overnight. It is a digital take down. A bad blog post. A social media meme that is being unanswered or purposely pumped up to discredit you, your company or organization or your brand. Or maybe it is a false allegation. Or paid fake bad reviews that your competitors put up. Or even worse a combination of all the above; plus a malware or trojan laden url embedded in it.

This is when companies and celebrities alike call Digijaks. Face it. The Internet is a hostile place for your reputation and your brand; whether that is personal, corporate or government. The control and management of your cyber security, reputation management; and social media appearance start and end with you.

It is 2022 and it is worth paying attention to, in fact it is important to take stock of your online reputation. The management of it, and the control of it, is yours. Not anyone else. True for cyber security, your safety on social media and how they are all connected. Here is an older post that pointed this out in 2010. Also a more recent (2014) look of the correlation between cyber security, reputation management and social media is here.



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