USA based supply chain for #PPE.

Digijaks Group started Covid19 response by working with our cybersecurity clients in February 2020. We were asked to help source and validate vendors for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The focus was naturally heavily on China based suppliers. This was basically because China was and still is the World’s primary supplier of PPE, for now. Since then we have secured items like masks, gowns, sanitizer, face shields, as well as gloves, and more detailed equipment like Ventilators for clients across the Globe. We have helped Doctors, Dentists, Nursing Homes, Native American Tribes, as well as small first responder groups.

The Covid19 crisis presents an ongoing dilemma for those medical groups in need of PPE. The pandemic is alive and spreading, and the global shortages of PPE has not stopped. The shortages of PPE have caused shortages in other medical equipment and supplies and has created an inflationary cycle of increased prices across the board in both PPE and non PPE equipment.

In the course of this, we spent a lot of time validating vendors. Also on executing due diligence research on their ability to export, and or the veracity of their claims with regards to certifications with FDA, European Union, and other regulatory bodies. This led us to having to weed out many fakes, many criminals, and other miscreants.

Now in June, 2020, Digijaks Group has managed to create a mostly USA based supply chain for many of the common items needed for PPE. We have been working with a coalition of large and smaller companies that are either retooling current factory space, or adding to existing capacity. This included USA manufactured N95 masks, Face Shields, Isolation Gowns, Ventilators. This is especially needed as Covid19 continues its first wave and is sweeping across the USA.

Digijaks Group is excited to work with many US based innovative companies; small and large that are dedicating part or all of their manufacturing footprint to produce PPE or related products. Covid19 is going to be around for awhile, and it is a very smart move on the part of these USA based companies to seize back control of markets that have long been given up to China. It is but one example of how Americans can pull together during this pandemic crisis and work to build ourselves up.

Contact us today if we can help your medical group, dental group, hospital or clinic get what you need in bulk for PPE for Covid19 response and beyond. Now is the time to begin rebuilding stocks, and create a strategic stockpile of PPE. All the better to use mostly #USA manufactured products. We are all in this together, and together we will rebuild and rise up again.




Cyber Security and Reputation Management Subject Matter Expert. Founder and Advisor. Author, Bots Against Us.

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Alan W. Silberberg

Alan W. Silberberg

Cyber Security and Reputation Management Subject Matter Expert. Founder and Advisor. Author, Bots Against Us.

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